Martians? Yes, but our feet are firmly planted on earth.
It has been a long time since we landed on this planet, with the intention to stay.
We knew what we had to do and how to do it.
At first we spread out to go unnoticed, each of us embarking on our own path, but always staying in touch.
We worked hard, settled in and managed to carve out a space in this world’s unforgiving jungle.

We did it . We had been accepted by our planetary neighbours.
Now we just had to come full circle and complete our mission:
Regroup to become stronger and be able to offer our martian-earthling knowledge, our work ethic, our momentum and most of all our enthusiasm, to all of those who want to enjoy an alien experience.

That´s why we founded Martevfx.

Marte VFX – Post-production from another planet.